The Future of Mobile Dating

mobile datingWe seem to never run out of ways to meet new people for possible romantic relationships.  Although the old-fashion (yet still effective) blind dates are very much around, today we get to have so many options on how to meet up from speed dating, online dating, and now we have mobile dating.

What is it about?

Mobile dating, also known as cellular dating, is a type of social service where members get to chat, meet, and possibly get involved in a romantic relationship through the use of text messaging and mobile chatting. 

Most services require members to provide small pieces of information about them in a small profile that is stored in the phones as a dating ID. 

They then can browse for other profiles either online or on the phone, filtering details such as age range, gender, and sexual preference.  Although the sites are free to use, standard text messaging rates may still apply as well as other dating service charges.

Another technology used in mobile phones involves the use of Bluetooth technology called "proximity dating," wherein you receive an alert when another member is within thirty feet of one another.  This lets you know whether that member is also on a lookout for a possible date.

Advantages a

Mobile dating makes looking for potential partners even more convenient, although being a fairly new technology it still leaves a lot of room for improvement. 


For one, most of the members of mobile dating are people below 24, which is unsurprising because of the texting nature of mobile dating. 

If you prefer having longer conversations and do not have the patience reading those SMS shortcodes, online dating may be the ideal technology for you.

The profiles also yield photos that are too small, and attractive members may receive excessive amounts of attention and then leave the service simply because he or she has found a partner.  There are also concerns about using mobile dating to electronically harass users.


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