The World’s First Luxury Online Dating Site

The Diamond Lounge, the world’s first ever luxury online dating site, incorporates the most up-to-date-technology with style – plus more.

The ultra-exclusive online dating site boasts of A-list members which include actors, entrepreneurs, models, and other professionals around the globe.

And what has a luxury online dating site got to offer its select clientèle? The luxury online dating site is coming up with more and better benefits for its members. You would be pleased to know that Diamond Lounge is currently coordinating with luxury brands to provide an assortment of exclusive ad-ons such as “lavish, private events and limited-edition products .”

You can obviously tell the sites goal is “to offer the most luxurious and value-added dating experience online.”

The site has been featured by the Wall Street Journal, Fox News, the New York Times, Businessweek, the BBC, Canal, The Independent and

According to Arya Marafie, a London-based entrepreneur and founder of Diamond Lounge:

“The site is aimed at eligible, professional people who want an exclusive and private environment where they can date and socialize with likeminded people. It’s a simple concept but it fills a major gap in the market. Our members demand something more exclusive than a standard dating site, but are typically not attracted to the so-called ‘millionaire’ or ‘sugar daddy’ sites (that are essentially aimed at matching beautiful young women with successful older men). Diamond Lounge has just as many successful and eligible women as men. It represents a modern and refined approach to elite online dating.

We have enhancing the attraction of Diamond Lounge through the use of innovative technology. The site is intuitive and user friendly. It is quick and easy for our members to find potential matches and they are able to communicate with others immediately using instant email, text chat and video conferencing. Our members are typically busy professionals and they appreciate the simplicity and efficiency of the site. Members are also benefiting from social networking opportunities within the Diamond Lounge. It is a very interactive space that encourages users to share their knowledge, opinions and experiences; Diamond Lounge members are making friends and business contacts while they look for love!”

Diamond Lounge is maintaining it’s exclusivity through a policy of selectively approving profiles (based on both quality and suitability), and through a relatively high price tag; membership currently costs $40 a month and Arya contends that the price is likely to rise as the membership numbers and benefits increase.

“Member benefits are a major part of our strategy. We are working with luxury brands on collaborations that will add significant value. The ultimate aim is to provide members with access to people and to benefits that you just can’t get anywhere else!” says Arya.


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