Guidelines for Young Daters

Teenagers become excited when they get to go on their first date. Having this fantasy of what the dating experience is may not always be similar to the real thing. A first date can be a bad experience if one does not know the proper way of dating in today’s world. Here are some guidelines that may help.

Meet up with your date as quickly as possible, but with care.

You meet up someone on cyberspace and you like to know him or her better. If you wish to avoid more disappointment, it is better to meet them personally as quickly as possible. Trying to build a relationship with someone online is not always a success because it is easier to create an online persona that captivates people. However, some people are not like that in person. Meeting quickly with a potential date will help ensure that the one you are meeting in person is the one you are talking to online. People can fake a persona online. But it is harder to do that in person.

Meeting with a date quickly may also have its risks. That is why you also need to tread with care. Make sure that you plan your first date with a group. Have someone along with you when you get to your first meeting. Do not put yourself in a situation where you are on your own meeting in person someone you met online for the first time. Safety is still important.

Enjoy the moment.

Since it is one of your first experience in dating, try to enjoy and stay in the moment. Don’t try to get into your fantasies just yet. You might have these thoughts of the future that you may have during the date. You might get fantasies of getting in a relationship already or have this fear that you might be stuck up or trapped in a relationship. Remember, it is just a first date. Do not get too far in your thoughts of what may happen. Try to enjoy the present and get to know your date, no matter how the first meeting affects you.

Do not become too personal, until after a few dates.

If you started meeting someone online like many people do nowadays, make sure that you put a limit on what you are able to share about your personal life online. Try to avoid sharing very sensitive issues or personal secrets just yet. Do that only after you have gone through a few face-to-face meetings with someone and that you have established a more comfortable atmosphere with each other together. If you do so prior to the first personal meeting, then you might be putting yourself on a vulnerable spot.


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