How to Find True Love Within Friendship

holding handst’s not easy to envision oneself engaging in a relationship with the closest friend. One would hate to experience rejection in the process of courtship or exhibit the amount of fear in case the relationship will fail.

This might result to the total end of friendship. They say friends risk themselves once they enter a romantic relationship, it’s either they’ll experience the fairy tale love of happily ever after or they will lose the friendship that they once hardly built.

When two friends finally decide and agree that they are ready to raise their friendship to a higher degree, they must also accept the fact that they also need to adjust and accept the consequences that lie within. It’s not that entering a romantic relationship yields always negative results.

For some, it is really a catapult of loving emotions probably because they totally believed. Or most aptly put, they worked and helped themselves together, through thick and thin, and entered the relationship not transforming themselves into pure lovers but remained as very good friends.

One of the big mystery yet to unravel is the power friendship has that it can bind groups of people. When you feel hurt, you can always approach a friend who will listen and will most willingly comfort you. The cliché goes that a friend will always be there in both good times and bad times. We may agree that true love is in itself laden in the simplest and purest of friendships.

The most important emotions people should have are happiness and love. Love isn’t just formed in the construct being romantic and passionate. Love is something more encompassing, It’s more of the feeling of support, empathy, care and friendship towards others. It’s love that motivates you to help a family member during a crisis, surprise a friend with a gift or support a co-worker in his or her affairs.

What this whole thing is trying to say is that love is universal and true love isn’t always justified by exclusive partnerships. Yes, it’s not a shame to attribute love to its accepted and more well-known concept because it will always be that way, and it will never be replaced because that, in fact, is still love. And true love can always be found in the purest of friendship.


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