Safe Dating Tips For Teens

teen coupleFirst date together – You should go out with another couple or go in a group.

Don’t be isolate – Stay in places where other people are near enough to hear you and to be of help. Parking in a remote spot isn’t a good idea at any age.

Know your limits –   Before you go on a date, think through your own limits regarding sexual contact.  It’s easier to stick to principles you’ve determined when you’re calm and alone.

Express your wishes –   Be wary when your relationship seems to be evolving with one person taking control or acting aggressively- this same pattern could occur in a sexual situation.

Be clear – Be very clear in communicating what you feel, beyond just saying "No." It’s important to be up front and tell the person you are dating your expectations, such as discussing abstaining from sexual intercourse before you find yourself in a sexual situation. If a person you are dating wants to go further sexually than you are willing, insist that the date and/or the relationship is over.  If he/she won’t leave, leave your date.

Warning signs –  Being manipulated, verbally put down, pushed or slapped and kept isolated from other relationships are all signs of an abusive relationship.


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