Teen Dating Tips

teen coupleAs a young person, dating has unique challenges. Here are some good teenage dating tips to get you started.

Practice your dating skills – You are practicing to find the right guy or the right girl. Accept that your first date wills not necessary work. If you mess up stand back and ask yourself why it went wrong. Just try to interacting successfully with the opposite sex.

Date someone make you fell good about yourself – If you do not feel good when you with someone else there is no point in being with them. You need to feel appreciated and wanted as a person and make your partner feel the same. Flattery will get you everywhere, tell your date that you appreciate the fact they have made themselves look good to go out with you.

Don’t Move Too Fast – As your parents have told you becoming physically intimate in any way will inevitably lead to complications. If and when the relationship ends, the hurt feelings and betrayal will feel much deeper and you may regret what you’ve done. It can also be awkward to find things to say after an intimate encounter, unless you’re already very close emotionally, which takes time.

Dressing for Your Date – Girls, you should be attractive and comfortable. Over-dressing or uncovering too much will give the wrong impression. You want the young man taking you out to treat you with respect, not be immediately thinking about your breasts. Remember, the most attractive asset you have is your personality, not your body.

During the date – Be prepared to listening. Everything you need to know is being told to you both verbally and non-verbally so by listening and watching for body signals you will know how things are going.

Keep all your ability – Maybe you’re shy and think alcohol will make you cool. Or think a good time with your date means drinking. Avoid to drink too much alcohol because alcohol robs you of your ability to be interesting and to make smart decisions.

After the Date – After your date, don’t use overkill to make sure he/she is interested. If you start calling every day or several times a day you will sound like you’re desperate and not attractive or intriguing.


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