What Makes a Relationship Healthy

teen coupleMaintaining relationships, especially romantic and intimate ones, is just as hard as entering yourself into one. But hey, consider yourself lucky that you have one going and here are ways to keep it that way.

Communication is the key – as with all relationships, communication is an important factor that keeps the feeling alive. Keeping contact, with the help of technology, is easier nowadays. A simple message via SMS is already sufficient to let the other person know that you are thinking of him and it lets him know that you are all right.

Remain honest – related to communication, keeping a clean breast of things means that you trust your partner enough to tell her everything, while at the same time, the other party would develop her trust on you for being open.

Respect differences – as that Erasure song goes, "Give a little respect."A relationship could go far if both parties accept the differences of the other. Besides, it is the little nuances of each other that keep the couples on their toes.

Work to a compromise – in times when extreme differences come up, discussing about it and coming to an agreeable midpoint could sometimes ease a tense situation. That way, both of you could maintain each other’s individuality without totally bending just to be agreeable.

Have similar interests – as much as the two of you are unique and different, it is the things that you do together and find enjoyment in each other’s company is what makes the bond stronger.

Have some ‘me’ time – it does not hurt to have some time alone for yourself and for your other friends. Keeping some distance, but not for long periods, from your partner would make you miss each other while at the same time would make you enjoy a different company once in a while. Other than that, being alone keeps you grounded and makes you expand your horizons in a knowledge gathering kind of way.

Budget everything – yes, everything. From time, expenses, and other things that you can set limits upon so as not to saturate yourself and burn yourself out. It serves a purpose other than for practical reasons.

Surprise each other – it is such a drag if you keep doing the same things again and again. It becomes monotonous. Occasionally doing a different activity or taking a trip to a location you have not been to before breaks the routine and notches the spice meter up in your relationship.


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