Coping with Cliques

highschool cliqueEverybody goes through the rough and unpredictable teenage years. And in those times we encounter cliques. Cliques are groups that basically define, if not stereotype, the people that belong to that cluster of individuals. This is their way of coping while they are still looking for their identity and unique personality.

Through cliques, we get to be who want to be. Since they are our most immediate companions, we become what the group is, almost becoming homogeneous with everyone belonging to the elite circle.

There is nothing wrong with that. Everybody needs to belong. We get to share our feelings and insecurities to someone who could closely relate to us.

In relation to dates, there are occasions when we are forced to date just because it is the cool thing to do and you are not down with the group if you do not conform with them. In extreme cases though, peer pressure happens when you are forced or coerced to go out with someone as a form of a challenge or a bet.

If you see yourself in this situation, you do not have to deal this by yourself. You could ask help from someone elderly and someone you could trust. Your parents, your counselor, your teacher, even your pastor or parish priest could assist you during these trying times.

Better yet, why not find a better group to belong to? Someone who could guide you make good decisions and be a good influence for you. Maybe it is not in your best interest to belong or be associated with your current group after all.


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