Getting Over a Breakup

sad teen girlIf breaking up is hard to do, much more is getting over one. With all of those memories turning into unwanted baggage, one would need to be extra jaded or plain numb not to feel anything.

Admittedly, it is difficult to say when you have gotten over a relationship. Sometimes you feel as though you are already completely free from it, only to fall back into the trap by just a few instances – a conversation here and there, a place that you passed by that you used to regularly go to – that would make you remember your past and make you question the choices you made.

There are ways though to get over a breakup and start life anew. Here are some ideas:

Meet new friends. You have been holed up in a routine with one person for some time that you forgot that there are other people out there. Develop your network. Go out on dates. Yes, make new friends. You will never know who you will meet. A future business associate, or maybe, even a prospective partner. Just remember to keep it light at the start.

Learn a new skill. Expand your horizons. Start a new hobby. Being stuck doing the same things over and over dulls your talents. Learn something new. The idea of meeting new people in a totally different environment is also an enticing motivation.

Try exercise. Keep yourself in shape. Go to the gym. Enroll in yoga to clear your thoughts. Anything for the mind and the body. Especially for the body. This may be a shallow motivation, but make your ex regret losing you by being toned and buff.

Have a makeover. For some, this works for women, and it does not mean it would not work for men also. Get a new hairdo. Go to a spa. Have your skin done. Refurbish your wardrobe. A new look means a new outlook, and a new you.

Write a journal. Writing is therapeutic. It is cathartic. It is effective in releasing pent-up emotions. You will feel better after letting it out. Do not mind the grammar and the typo. When you go back to this when you are in a better state, you will actually laugh at the things you wrote down.

Have a shoulder to cry on. This could be a close friend, a dear relative, or a professional counselor. Anyone who is willing to spend time and listen to you. They do not need to share their thoughts or give advice. The feeling that someone would hear you out is enough relief already.

Keep yourself busy. The point in all of these is to keep yourself active. It would not help you in any way if you are idle. It would just make you think of things.


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