How to Control Jealousy

teenager Jealousy doesn’t give any benefit to a person, and can give him the feeling of self-defeat on whatever he/she is doing. Unfortunately, most people who feel jealous aren’t consciously choosing to do so, and don’t know to stop it. However, this shouldn’t serve as an excuse to overcome it. Jealousy arises when one’s focus in life points to the object of his jealousy.

Jealousy arises from looking on what you don’t have, but want to have, and focusing on someone else who does have it. When it became prevalent, it can cause big trouble and ugly outcomes. Dealing with jealousy is tough, but keep in mind that you cannot cure jealousy in others, only in yourself. So, how to deal with jealousy in relationships?

Insecurity, most of the time, has always been the root cause of jealousy. If you are secure in your relationship, there’s very little reason to feel any jealousy. Possible causes of insecurity in a relationship are from something that your partner specifically did, something a previous partner did or something that you have observed in other relationships.

If you don’t do anything to stop your insecurity, your jealousy may destroy your relationship. You may become suspicious, paranoid and controlling or your jealousy may eat you in the inside. If they feel like you don’t trust them, what kind of relationship do you have? Letting things eat away at you inside can also cause you to slip down the emotional scale all the way to deep depression.

If you have a cause to not trust your partner, you’re going to need to deal with that first. Start to rebuild trust in your relationship. If you don’t have cause for mistrust in your current relationship, then stepping back should help you to realize and understand that what you are feeling is a carry-over from somewhere else.

Once trust is rebuilt, then start shifting your focus to the positive aspects of your partner and your relationship that you have built together. This is easier said than done. Changing your focus can take time.

When things are running again smoothly, it’s important to remain aware and watch things to make sure that jealousy doesn’t creep back.


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