Learning To Say No

peer pressureTeens have difficulty in learning to say "no". They just can’t seem to decline some things that they know would be against their will. And in can come in various situations.

Friends trying out drugs can invite another teen to join them. Peer pressure would win out most of the time, just because a teenager does not know how to say "no" when it matters. In relationships, teenagers are forced into sex just because they have not learned to say "no".

Teens find themselves at a stage of their lives when they more than ever want to feel accepted by their peers. In order to do this, they usually try to do their best to please others. This usually includes frequently agreeing to the actions of their peers even if they know in their minds that its wrong. Doing so can also get a teenager in some very compromising situations, especially when already on the dating scene.

Teenage girls who aim to please friends and be accepted are the ones that usually are in danger of finding themselves in situations that may haunt them for the rest of their lives. This usually involves the subject of sex. Being forced to sex at a young age is just a matter of not learning to say no. It is important for teenage girls, especially at this point in their lives, to learn how to assert themselves and learn to say "no" when it matters. Here are ways that teens can learn how to say "no".

Develop decisive skills

The best way to teach teenagers to say "no" is by developing their decisive skills. Teaching teenagers that it is not always important to please everybody just to be accepted. Teaching teens to develop a more assertive attitude might help a lot in making it easier for them to learn how to disagree on things like drugs, sex, etc. it would also be helpful if parents try to practice certain situations with their kids and then teach them how to respond to them the right way.

Learn to say no

There are actually many approaches that teens can do in order to say "no". One of the best ways is by directly saying it. Being decisive is the best way that teens would eventually learn how to say "no" when it matters. But there are some instances that it may be difficult for teens to do so because of pressure.

Learn to change the subject

When teens find themselves on the verge of being pressured to do something against their wishes, changing the topic of discussion can be employed to hep diffuse some of the pressured situation. It is also important that teens learn how to change the subject of discussion when pressured in a compromising situation by peers. One other way is to improvise an exit plan that teens can use during such situations.

Teens should learn to have a means of getting out of a situation before it gets worse. Short of having a direct approach of saying "no", distancing oneself from a compromising situation may be the best way for teens to avoid it.


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