Teen: Signs That a Friend is Being Abused

teenage abuseAbuse in relationships can affect not only the two people on it, but also those that surround them. Friends can also be greatly affected if their friend is in an abusive relationship. But most would not do anything for fear of interfering. It would be big a mistake for friends to just let it be.

There are times when friends have to interfere when they begin to suspect that a friend may be in an abusive relationship. But doubt usually keeps them from acting and putting some sense back into a friend who is in such a relationship. |They may not always be too sure if a friend truly is being abused by a partner. Usually, a friend would not readily admit this. So it is up to the friends to learn about the telltale signs of an abusive relationship.

Signs that a friend is being abused:

The first thing that friends should know is how to effectively determine if a friend is really being abused in a relationship. Signs can be seen from anywhere, if only they observe closely. Abuse can be seen as a pattern of behavior that can show itself, mentally, emotionally, physically and socially. These are the things that friends of teenagers should look for. The signs will usually tell them that a poor friend is experiencing abuse in a relationship.

Physical signs of abuse may show itself on someone being abused. This usually may already show that someone may be violently abused. Scars and bruises on a friend may show signs that she is being abused. People in abusive relationships would usually ignore these signs for a long time. It is sometimes up to the friends to tell someone in an abusive relationship.

Emotional and social changes may also be seen as probable signs that a friend is in an abusive relationship. If a friend acts differently than before may sometimes be an early sign of abuse. A friend who constantly avoids friends with reasons of spending more time with a boyfriend, becoming erratic, fearful, and uncomfortable in a social situation may be signs of possible abuse especially if these changes are observed more and more.

It would be best for friends to try to make their friend open up a bit. But they should not be too imposing about this. A more gentle approach would be necessary when confronting a friend about a possible abusive relationship. It takes work, but the earlier that friends see the signs, the better that the trauma of an abusive relationship may be avoided.

Where to get help:

There are many resources available to help you. Your local phone book will list hundreds of crisis centers, teen help lines, and abuse hotlines. These organizations have professionally trained staff to listen, understand, and help.


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