Teens: What To Do If Parents Do Not Approve Of Your Relationship

shutterstock_145471270ResizedOne of the more exciting events in a teenager’s life is when they get into their first boyfriend-girlfriend relationship. But frustration can creep in if some parents find out about it and do not give their approval. A mixture of emotions can come out in reaction to the displeasure. But before you get to air your rebellious side, here are some things to consider with regards to your parents’ disapproval of your relationship.

Understand your parents’ role in your life.

Some teenagers may feel that parents can become too intrusive about almost every area in their life. That is because they are simply taking their role to heart. They want you to develop into a better individual. Their guidance and admonitions are not there to make your life a nightmare. They aim to protect you. If your new relationship does not sit well with your parents, there is a good reason for it. Try to find out what it might be before you react negatively.

Take a careful look at your new relationship.

Before you start to rebel against your parents, try to calm down and find out why they do not approve of it. Having a good talk with them will not hurt. Parents still deserve some respect for their difficult role of watching over you while growing up. Not only that, your parents have a longer list of experiences than you in the area of relationships. They have gone through several of them over the years. They have firsthand experiences and have an idea of what types of relationships can lead to happiness, rejection or pain.

A disapproval of your relationship may mean that they know where it leads to. Before you take it out on your parents, try to look carefully at your new relationship. Try to weigh the pros and cons of getting into such a relationship. Is it worth standing up for? Does your new boyfriend or girlfriend feel the same way about what you feel? The disapproval may be a sign that you will need to look over before you challenge it.

Talk to your parents about it.

If you feel that you can’t find anything wrong with your new relationship, do not stop there. The emotions you feel may be blocking you from looking at the relationship more objectively. Try to talk to your parents about it and let them air their disapproval. Do not try to avoid such conversations with them because this will just lead to further conflicts. Muster up the courage to sit down and let them air their side. An argument may ensue, but it will help give you some added insight that will help you understand where they are coming from. It may even help you understand your relationship even more.

Know who to trust.

Remember that it is your parents who have been with you for most of your growing life. They will not bother with playing their roles in your life if they do not care about you. Understand that you can trust them more than you can trust your friends, classmates or even your girlfriend or boyfriend. Put more value over what they say because of that trust.


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