Warning Signs Of An Abusive Relationship

Warning Signs Of An Abusive Relationship

People can sometimes be in abusive relationships and not be aware of it. Teens are especially more prone to be in such a situation, especially in their early foray into love and romantic relationships. They may not yet develop that level of maturity to help them determine whether they are in good or bad relationships. There are signs that teens can look for to help them know whether they are in an abusive relationship. Here are some of them.

Manipulation and Control
If someone you have a relationship with tends to dictate everything you do or convinces you to do things you would not usually do, then you are being manipulated and controlled. Relationships sometimes can have that effect on people. But outright manipulation and control over every aspect of the relationship is abusing it. If you only seem to do things your partner wants from you and you are being prevented from doing what you want, then it becomes a warning sign for an abusive relationship.

Isolation From Others
Some teens in a relationship can really just have eyes for one another. But things can easily get too far that a partner will just want you two to be always together alone. This can get out of hand and put teens in different compromising situations. Isolation can sometimes be a way for a partner to exert authority on you. It tends to keep you away from your family or friends. Soon enough you get convinced and your other relationships tend to suffer because of it. If your partner’s idea for a relationship is for you two to always be alone together and not having friends and family in the mix, it may be a warning sign of a possible abusive relationship.

Temper And Outbursts
If your partner is prone to getting angry and have frequent outbursts, then you had better watch out. This show of temper and emotional outbursts will indicate someone who can become very abusive. People who may not be able to contain or control their anger can sometimes display their actions towards their partners in a relationship. Things can get out of hand and with the partner becoming prone to violence. Be wary of this warning sign of a possible abusive relationship.

Threats And Violence
If you have a partner who is prone to making threats, directly or indirectly, can also be a warning sign of a possible abuser. If things do go his or her way, then violence can sometimes follow. Someone who displays a violent demeanor is a clear warning sign of a bad partner in a relationship.



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