Teen: How to Know If He Really Likes You

teen couple Do you know if he likes you? The following actions are considered to be real message indicators.

He blushes and sweats because you intimidate him.

He stares at you.

He does things to deliberately gain your attention.

He stutters when he speaks to you.

His pupils dilate when you are up close and you see them..

He waits for you. He looks out for you.

He laughs at your jokes and like listen to you.

He teases you because he wants you to remember and notice him.

He listens to you and actually remembers little details.

He notices slight changes in your appearance.

He seems sad when you ignore him.

He seems jealous when you are with another guy.

His friends all know you when you don’t know them.

He smiles back when you smile at him.

He often stares at you and when you catch him, he does that cute head turn, very fast.

He performs sweet acts for you. He defends and protects you. He tolerates you being mean to him.



  1. this really helped. thanks!

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