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Myths About Women

Remember guys that women do like to be hit on. We like it when a man will have the confidence to approach us. Just make sure that you are being respectful and make her feel special. Do not use cheesy pick up lines or she will think you are nothing but a player. Try to compliment something specific about her. ... Read More »

Still a virgin?

What is your favorite pickup line?  “Where have you been, I have been looking for you all night?” Come on guys this is so lame guys. Women really do not like rehearsed pick up lines. In order to get the girl you want, you have to be sincere and make the woman that you are after feel as if she ... Read More »

How To Make Yourself Irresistible To Girls

Here is a funny video that does sum up ways to “Make Yourself Irresistible To Girls“, So pay attentions guys and remember. #1. Be confident #2. Be a gentleman #3.Dress well #4. Pay for dinner without crying about it! These are the most important rules to attracting women. She wants to know that you are strong enough to lead her! ... Read More »

The Best and Worst Pick Up Lines

This is a fun video about the best and worst pick up lines. It is important to keep it simple and funny. Remember guys, women love confidence as well as humor! Women really do want to be hit on. So take some hints and use it for your success on how to pick up women! Dating Coach, Dawn Donohoo   Read More »

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