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Reasons Why People Cheat In A Relationship

Every relationship is far from perfect. There are times when the cracks come out in the open. By then, you hear about rumors of infidelity and cheating. They have become a threat to any relationship once they happen. Cheating is a means of breaking the trust in a relationship. It can cause hurt, pain and regret to the aggrieved. The ... Read More »

Social Media Makes Cheating In A Relationship Easier

With online social networks and social media in general becoming a popular reason why many people head on to the Web on a daily basis, it would surely have quite an influence on our daily lives. It may also affect not only individuals but their relationships as well. And surprisingly, there are now a lot of women who think that ... Read More »

Would You Tell Your Partner You Cheated?

There are two things that make a relationship work:  Faith and Honesty.  It is best to communication openly and honestly with your partner, while at the same time strengthen your relationship by remaining faithful to your better half. But as humans, we are bound to commit errors.  You may have cheated and feel sorry about it, but will you have ... Read More »

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