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Dating Rule Changes You Should Know About

Proper dating is governed by certain rules. Some of these rules are based on a person’s preference for what a date should be. There are also general rules that people follow as proper dating manners and behavior. Over time, as people learn to live in a more modern world, changes are bound to happen. This includes changes to what was ... Read More »

Essential Double Dating Etiquette

Double dating may not totally be an unusual arrangement. In fact, there are lots of people who prefer double dating to the usual set-up. But just as in the case of a date that may contain many characters, it can also easily be ruined if the proper etiquette is not being followed. Here are some of the essential etiquette rules ... Read More »

Dating in the Age of Smartphones

Modern technology may seem to have gotten people more isolated. The more we text, tweet, chat, and post status updates, the more we seem to have difficulty to personally interact with one another. For instance, the phrase “I love you” has a deeper, more intimate effect if it is said to the partner rather than sent through text message. At ... Read More »

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