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Signs Your Date Will Not Be Back

Going on dates may be fun and exciting. However, the next days after that can become a concern for some women. Did he like me? Did he enjoy my company? Will there be a next time? These questions usually follow some women the days after their date. There are ways to know whether the guy likes you or not, even ... Read More »

Signs A Man Is Boyfriend Material

Women always want to meet a guy who they can consider boyfriend material. Several dates will help them realize the type of man they are dating. But even then, they are not entirely sure if he makes a good boyfriend. Here are some signs that will help you determine whether the man you are dating will turn out to be ... Read More »

Know Your Date By How He Handles A Beer Bottle

Experts will tell you that you can know a guy better by his actions. How he does certain things can give you clues about his personality and traits. On date night, you might want to check out how handles his drink. Here are some of the things that you can interpret from how he handles his favorite beverage. Holding Beer ... Read More »

Signs That You Are Getting Friend Zoned

Meeting people with romantic intentions is always a challenge. Despite all the things you have done right, there is always this risk of getting friend zoned. It is a term to denote a one-sided situation where someone who is expecting love and romance to a particular person end up being considered as a friend. When one professes love to someone ... Read More »

Signs Your Date Wants To Kiss You

You are on a date with a guy for some time now. You feel this connection developing. But then you are on that awkward stage of knowing whether the feeling is mutual. One thing that will eventually answer your question is with a kiss. Some guys will not tell you outright what they feel. They sometimes will just show it ... Read More »

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