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Getting Ready To Date Again

Getting ready to date again after the breakup of a previous relationship can be quite hard for many people. There are certain experiences that people just would not want to go over again. It causes them to have doubts about whether to start another relationship by dating again. But before you get into the dating scene once again, here are ... Read More »

Dating Types to Avoid

When it comes to dating, searching for that perfect date is not always possible. There are times when a date may not be the one you are looking for. Before you ever commit to meeting up and getting to know someone on a date, here are certain types of people that you would need to avoid at all costs. The ... Read More »

The Top 5 Most Annoying Facebook Couples

The Too-Much-In-Love Couple Between the constant “I love my honey sooooo much!!” and “I have the most amazing husband in the whole world!!!” updates, these couples do proclaim too much. Their updates are filled with flowery adjectives and almost always include the words “amazing,” “luckiest,” and “best! ever!” Sometimes the updates are even addressed to each other, like, “Kelly, it ... Read More »

Dating Red Flags: Do You Ignore Them?

Here is another video on Red Flags, this one deals with just dating though. Also I like that it came from guys. It is so important to not ignore red flags. When you notice a red flag it is  your  intuition and is there to protect you from getting in a relationship that ultimately could hurt you or at least ... Read More »

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