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Emotional Affair Red Flags

An emotional affair is defined as a type of affair that does not include physical intimacy or contact. Because this type of affair lacks the physical component found in actual affairs, many people do not consider it as cheating or being unfaithful to a partner. But there are dangers and risks having an emotional affair. It is usually a precursor ... Read More »

Habits That Make You Vulnerable To Emotional Affairs

An emotional affair is a relatively new term for affairs between people that usually just involve having an emotional connection but does not lead to a physical one. An emotional affair can happen between people who meet online and develop romantic feelings with each other but stay within a non-physical boundary. It becomes an emotional affair if it slowly begins ... Read More »

Different Types Of Infidelity In Relationships

There are different types of cheating one can commit in a relationship. Having an affair with someone is just one of them. Most people believe that having sexual affairs with another man or woman is the only type of infidelity that can ruin relationships. But there are other lesser known types of cheating that seem to go unnoticed but can ... Read More »

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