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Letting Go Of Bad Dating Habits In 2015

This year may not be your year in terms of starting a meaningful romantic relationship. The year 2015 may offer you something better. You can still continue on dating and meeting people. But you need to be wiser. You need to let go of some bad dating habits that may have prevented you from starting new relationships this year. Here ... Read More »

Common Dating Mistakes You May Be Unaware Of Making

Most people can commit certain dating mistakes that can affect how they meet people. Some are simple and easily corrected while others may take time to improve on. But there are some dating mistakes that people many people are unaware they are even making. Here some of the common one to watch out for. Depending solely on physical attraction and ... Read More »

Signs That You Are In a Toxic Relationship

Getting into a relationship is not always easy. Couples may start out well during the first few dates. They eventually decide to give the relationship a try. Sometimes everything works out fine. But there are times when it can become a very toxic relationship. There are signs that people can watch out for. Here are some of them. Dominating Partner ... Read More »

Dating Younger Men

Many women have varied preferences when it comes to dating. Some may prefer a date with someone of the same age. Some prefer dating someone who is older. And then there’s the more interesting group of women who prefer dating younger men. In dating, just like in many other aspects of life, people have developed a preconceived notion that somehow ... Read More »

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