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Getting Rid Of Relationship Insecurities

Relationships can sometimes become a success or a failure based on a couple’s mindset. It can be unavoidable that some partners can feel certain insecurities that can have an effect on their relationship. Such insecurities can be based on wrong assumptions that people need to let go of if ever they expect their relationship to flourish and succeed. Here are ... Read More »

Traits Of People Who Are Lucky In Love

Some people think that there are people fortunate enough to find love. There are also some unfortunate ones who can’t seem to find the right kind of love even how hard they try. It all comes down to certain traits that may make one either lucky or unlucky in love. Here are some of the common traits found in people ... Read More »

Small Things That Put A Marriage At Risk

Many people think that only the big problems that can ruin a marriage. Those little things can also damage a lifetime relationship. The simple and overlooked mistakes can pile up and ruin even the strongest relationship. Here are just some of them. Not having enough talk time Marriage, in order to be successful, needs effective communication. While physical togetherness is ... Read More »

Common Behaviors That Kill Relationships

Many relationships live or die by the impact of certain human behaviors. How couples behave can determine whether their relationships can survive and last or if it cannot stand the tests and trials of life. There are certain human behaviors and traits that can ruin relationships. Here are some of them. Insecurity Insecurity or the lack of self-esteem can have ... Read More »

Important Relationship Lessons You Should Know Now

Successful relationships between two people tend to grow better in time. A positive progression is evident the longer people stay together and know each other better. But this does not always come without problems and conflicts along the way. How couples learn to work with these issues together will determine if their relationship will last long or it will end ... Read More »

Myths About Divorce And Kids

When it comes to marriage and family, divorce is one of the more damaging issues that may destroy these relationships. Although divorce may primarily affect married couples who do not get along with each other over a period of time, it will also eventually have an effect on the kids. Couples tend to believe certain myths when it comes to ... Read More »

Common Reasons Why Men Cheat

Cheating is one of reasons why relationships fail. In the case for most men, cheating is always a struggle. Only the strongest ones and those who put a very high value on their relationship are able to deter the temptations. But for some, cheating happens for various reasons. Here are some of the common reasons why men cheat. Fading Intimacy ... Read More »

Thing You Need To Know Before Breaking Up

A break up is not always an easy experience to go through. Deciding to leave someone in a relationship takes a lot of worry and concern. Some people make the decision not to take the plunge out of pity for a partner or unsure of what the future may hold. But if breaking up is the right decision to make, ... Read More »

Important Love Lessons From Failed Marriages

A failed marriage is nothing to smile about. It can be a stressful and depressing experience that most people have problems overcoming. There are several important lessons to learn from a majority of failed relationships. Here are some of them. Honesty and good communication are important ingredients in a successful relationship. Honesty is important to build up trust in a ... Read More »

Insightful Lessons Arising From Failed Relationships

Couples can get a lot of advice on how to keep relationships last from other people. Some of them are just passed on from one person to another. Some are borne out of actual experiences. It is the advice coming from the latter that proves to be more meaningful. Here are some examples of lessons that you can learn that ... Read More »

Four Traits Common In Failed Relationships

Failed relationships are a product of incompatible couples. But it can also happen to otherwise compatible partners who believe that they have a perfect relationship. Any relationship can fail if the couple stops working on keeping it alive. There are certain traits that couples can bring into the relationship that might cause it to fail. Here are some of them. ... Read More »

Correcting Relationship Mistakes

People would like to be in a relationship that can stand the test of time. Although it is rare nowadays, such relationships can still be possible.  But it takes a lot of effort. For most people, having a successful relationship does not come easy. It may take a lot of heartbreak and failure before one finds a relationship for keeps. ... Read More »

Getting Your Relationship Back

Every relationship goes through its ups and downs. It is how couples try to work out the differences and resolve the issues. When a relationship stumbles, you need to work harder to try to get it back up. Here are some tips that will help you get your relationship back on track. Be aware of its importance and value. One ... Read More »

Reasons Why Some Relationships Fail To Develop

There are relationships that start out well during the first few meetings, only to sputter in the end. Many relationships fail to take off like what most people would have initially expected. Many reasons may come into play that can lead to this. Here are some of them. Making Comparisons To Past Relationships One of the reasons why some relationships ... Read More »

Factors That Cause New Relationships To Fail

People who like to go into a new relationship will need to look at different things to see if it will work out. While some may try to make a relationship work out, there are certain factors that they need to look for. This will indicate whether a new relationship has that chance of succeeding or if it is doomed ... Read More »

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