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Disastrous Mistakes Guys Make During First Dates

Dating can be considered a game of sorts. Some guys go on dates expect to do well, find true love and start a romantic relationship. However, mistakes may get in the way of these expectations. Instead of making a good impression during first dates, some people commit mistakes that can ensure that there will be no second date to expect ... Read More »

Things You Should Not Do On a First Date

The first date indicates the first time two people looking for possible romantic relationships will be meeting. How both parties engage and interact can determine if they are compatible or have that chance of building something together. While sometimes it might be too early to tell if there are sparks flying, making a good impression during first dates is always ... Read More »

Making A Good Impression On A First Date

First dates are not always easy for some guys. They sometimes put the pressure in themselves to impress their dates. Making a good impression is not always easy. But it does not take a guy to learn about rocket science to make a good impression. Here are some simple tips for guys to make their first date impression something that ... Read More »

Making A Good Impression On A First Date

For guys, a first date can end up in two ways- either memorable or forgetful. How you prepare yourself for it will help determine the outcome. If you wish to make a good impression on a first date, try to remember these tips. Show up on a date early. If you like to make a good first impression to a ... Read More »

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