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Relationship Myths And Realities

People have several preconceived notions about relationships. It is set in their mindset that relationships should follow an ideal. There is that something they expect from the romantic relationships they develop. But sometimes, these expectations are too far from reality. In the end they get frustrated and fail to make the relationship grow. Here are some relationship myths and the ... Read More »

Relationship Study: Listen To Your Gut Instincts

People may seem to be all about logic and rationality when it comes to deciding about relationships. However, a recent study may indicate that your gut instinct may have a role in telling you if you will have a happy relationship. At least that is what the researchers at Florida State University in Tallahassee are trying to say. Ever had ... Read More »

Surviving Problems In a Relationship

All relationships go through trials and problems. Even happy couples go through rough times that further strengthen their bond towards each other. If you wish to keep a relationship strong and successful, you must always expect the bad from the good. It is not always smooth sailing all throughout. You need to be ready when life deals you a bad ... Read More »

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