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Top Traits Women Look For In Men

People have certain ideals when looking out for a relationship. There are certain traits they want to find in an ideal partner. When it comes to women, here are the top traits that they usually look for in men. This was based on two polls conducted by Opinion Research Corporation and Best Life Magazine. The polls were composed of 1,000 ... Read More »

Avoid Rushing Into A Commitment

People can get tired of singlehood at a certain point. They can sometimes get to the point of desperation in trying to establish a relationship. They meet people and go on dates in the hopes in knowing the right partner. But sometimes, some people get into the mistake of rushing into a relationship. This can usually do more harm than ... Read More »

Reasons You Are Still Single

There are people who are happily into relationships and there are others who are happy bring single. But then again, there are also a group of people who are still unhappily single. Even after all these years of looking out for someone, they unfortunately have not been able to do so. And there are several possible reasons why. Here are ... Read More »

Unique Rules to Follow for Finding a Man

For women, finding the right man is a challenge that takes a lifetime of work. Some are fortunate enough to find Mr. Right early. Some realize that one just passed them by. And for some, they are still deep into the search for their ideal partner in life. But in most cases, their success may rely on the certain rules ... Read More »

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