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Tips To Last Longer In Bed

When it comes to sexual gratification, men seem to orgasm faster on average than women. The difference can sometimes lead to varying levels of enjoyment and satisfaction in bed. If men also suffer from premature ejaculation, then the problems further mount. Most men may need to learn how to delay their own orgasm in order to last longer. This will ... Read More »

Sex Advice for Women- Ways For Better Sex

In any relationship, having a good sex life is important and essential. But there are times when this becomes harder to achieve as the years go by. Some may have become too busy or stressed with work. Some prefer to have kids take priority over their life that sex life suffers over the course of the relationship or marriage. In ... Read More »

Signs that Your Partner Has High Sex Drive

Women often look for an attractive male for a date.  However, just because he is stunning does not mean he would be able to please you behind closed doors.  Not only does a man with higher libido can satisfy your sexual needs, but also has a higher sperm count.  If you want a man who could to keep up with ... Read More »

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