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Ingredients Of A Lasting Relationship 

Having a successful and lasting relationship takes work, effort, and time to achieve. But of course, there are certain ingredients that will help ensure partners to reach that end goal. Here are just some of the most important ones.   Good Communication  Couples who wish to last long in the relationship should value their communication with each other. Most relationships start ... Read More »

Different Stages Of Relationships

Relationships go through different stages as they develop. How people go through the different stages will determine whether their relationship will last or fail. Here are the common stages that every couple in a relationship may go through at one point or the other. Romance Stage The first stage of the relationship is filled with romance. Two people fall in ... Read More »

Safeguarding Your Marriage

Marriage is an institution that seems to be losing ground in terms of the longevity department. Marrying someone nowadays does not always result in happily ever after. May couples end up separating or in divorce court after a few years. It becomes rare for people to make marriage a lifelong commitment. Safeguarding one’s marriage becomes an even more challenging prospect. ... Read More »

Simple Tips To Make Dating Count

Most people go on dates in order to meet someone who they can start a relationship with. But many times, people forget to focus on what is important. They tend to connect with people and start a relationship that is actually doomed for disaster. Here are some simple tips that may help you re-establish some focus when you go out ... Read More »

Relationship Warning Signs

It is every person’s aim to have a long-term relationship. However, the definition for length of time may be relative from one person to another. But it is safe to say that most people will want to keep any relationship going for as long as possible. Unfortunately, there are certain times when relationships are just not meant to be in ... Read More »

Tips To Help Save Your Relationship

Every relationship is valuable and worth fighting for. No one would like to fail at any relationship unless they are not serious about it. Some people may experience certain trials in one way or another that will test the relationship. How couples can get over such obstacles will determine if the relationship will last. Couples need to be strong and ... Read More »

Building A Long Lasting Relationship

When it comes to relationships, making it last takes quite a lot of work. And between couples, this responsibility should be shared. It takes the effort of both in order to keep a relationship going strong. Here are some important things to consider when it comes to building a strong relationship and making it last. Spend quality time together. Do ... Read More »

Understanding Emotional Unavailability

A relationship can be considered as a success if two people have been working together to try and make the relationship last. It is always a challenge for couples top maintain that level of love and excitement that they first felt at that very first phase of the relationship. But over time, many things can happen that will affect the ... Read More »

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