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Signs A Long-Distance Relationship Is In Trouble

A long-distance relationship can be quite a challenge for any couple. Although it is not impossible with the help of technology, patience and true love, it is always more difficult to maintain over long periods compared to relationships where partners are always close together physically. It may be prone to break up after a certain period of time being away ... Read More »

Surprising Results From New Relationship Studies

It may be hard to predict if a relationship may become successful. But that does not mean that researchers cannot study and differentiate what makes relationships successful and what will not. Several studies were conducted about the dynamics of relationship success. Sometimes, the results may be surprising. Here are some surprising study results regarding the modern relationship. Sleeping Apart May ... Read More »

How to survive a long distance relationship

Is massive mileage keeping you and your man apart? Let Love U help bridge the distance with “How To Survive and LDR.” Being in a long distance relationship does cause some mild depression if you do not remain social. Having a relationship does not mean that you stop living your life, it only requires that you live it in a ... Read More »

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