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Common Issues Affecting Whirlwind Romances

Relationships can come in different forms and shapes. For some people, relationships take time to develop. But there are also others that seem to progress at a relatively fast pace. Whirlwind romances can develop when two people feel an instant emotional attraction towards each other. It may come as a surprise at first, but some couples feel that they are ... Read More »

Changes That Happen To Couples In Long-Term Relationships

When couples start up on a relationship, they eventually learn things from each other. Eventually, they get to be influenced by each other’s personalities and nuances. And as the relationship develops and grows, the influence changes their own mindet and character. It seems that couples begin to develop something common in between them. According to what many psychologists observed, here ... Read More »

Study Shows Long Term Couples Handle Conflict By Ignoring It

Many people would like to have a long term romantic relationship. It is the wish of every couple to stay together for the longest time possible. One of the keys for relationships to stay strong is the way couples handle conflicts. Many couples may have different ways of handling conflict. But a recent study involving older couples show that the ... Read More »

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