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How to Know When a Relationship is Getting Serious

How to know when a relationship is getting serious? A woman does not always communicate verbally  that she is serious with you. Being a woman myself, I know that I care when I want to make sure the guy I am seeing  approves of a decision I am making. We will want to spend more time with you. Also, if  ... Read More »

What Is the Best Place to Find Single Women?

Here is a video from Donna Barnes on What Is the Best Place to Find Single Women?. Here she talks about how bars are not the place. For one, noone wants to say they met their husband or wife in a place like at a bar. Secondly, women are on guard at a place like that and it makes it alot ... Read More »

10 Minutes with a Professional Dating Coach

I don’t normally like long videos because they always seem to bore me and I feel like I could of summed up the whole thing  in a minute or two,but this video is different. Evan Mark Katz is definitely one of the best Dating Coach‘s that I have found. He really knows what he is talking about! Pay attention guys ... Read More »

What Is Keeping You From Finding Love?

I found this video on You Tube by Kara Oh,  and thought it was great advice. Every girl does grow up hoping and praying she will find her prince. It is important though to realize a man can have some flaws and still be your prince. The right mate, that being your prince or your princess will bring out the ... Read More »

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