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When Your Date Suspiciously Talks About Your Friend

It can be tough to balance your social life with your friends and your romantic partner, but it is even more tricky if both of them go together. A reader from Glamour magazine asked for advice on her dating problem. She met a “really cute, smart, nice guy who smelled good too” through a dating website. On their first face-to-face ... Read More »

Spotting a Sex Addict Online

Although online dating has given many hopeless romantics an opportunity to find their romantic partners, you cannot be sure if that guy on the dating profile is as good as how he describes himself. The Internet is a vast ocean of sorts that connects different sorts of people, including the not-so-desirable ones. In an interview with the Washington Times, Michael ... Read More »

Online Dating For Dummies

The popular “Dating for Dummies” is back on its third edition. Award-winning radio psychologist and author Joy Browne updated the book with new useful dating tips, including about online dating. “Literally thousands of folks are out there just waiting to click or be clicked on,” says Browne. “You just have to know how and where to connect, and understand the ... Read More »

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