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Importance Of Compatibility In A Relationship

When it comes to building a relationship, there are certain factors required to make it succeed. One of them is compatibility. It is a state wherein two people are capable of existing or living together in harmony without conflict or problems. But there are other couples that seem to forego compatibility and consider other factors they think will help their ... Read More »

Reasons Why Men Prefer Older Women

People have certain preferences when it comes to relationships. Aside from the physical attributes that attract men to certain women, other factors such as age, ethnicity and personality are also important. A majority of men prefer relationships with younger women. However, there are also some men who prefer older women. Here are some of the common reasons why some men ... Read More »

Emotional Affair Red Flags

An emotional affair is defined as a type of affair that does not include physical intimacy or contact. Because this type of affair lacks the physical component found in actual affairs, many people do not consider it as cheating or being unfaithful to a partner. But there are dangers and risks having an emotional affair. It is usually a precursor ... Read More »

Common Yet Surprising Marriage Blunders

A successful marriage takes a lot of work. It is a life-long challenge for two people to stay together, both in good as well as bad times. There can be struggles along the way. Some couples commit certain blunders that can sometimes cause the marriage to suffer. Some obvious blunders can be avoided. Some are mistakes that are not so ... Read More »

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