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Pros Of Online Dating For Seniors

Online dating has become a popular means for meeting new people and developing new relationships. It may be a challenge for those who are older. Although it may be convenient, some seniors may not be familiar with the new technology. But with a bit of study and practice, they can get comfortable with trying out online dating for developing relationships. ... Read More »

Dating Tips for Seniors from Joan Rivers

You may have noticed by now how dating tips you see online tend to cater to a younger set. People who have reached their senior age would find these tips unapplicable, sometimes even crazy, to them. And who should they turn to when asking for dating tips for seniors? Someone who can relate to them, of course! E! Online recently ... Read More »

AARP Helps Seniors with Own Online Dating Service

You found the one, gotten married, and grew old together. However, you suddenly find yourself back at square one, either because you divorced or your spouse passed away. It is not the end of the road for you, as AARP is helping you find that special someone with its very own dating service. Powered by online dating engine How About ... Read More »

Sex Advice for Older Women

Your sex life will dramatically change as you age. In fact, many older women lose the urge to have sex and experience other sexual dysfunctions at the onset of menopause. However, you can address these changes and have a healthy and satisfying sex. Communicate with your partner Good sex requires open communication between partners. Be open to your partner about ... Read More »

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