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10 Sexting Terms You Need to Know

When you’re ready to let your fingers do the foreplay, try these 10 sexting terms on for size. 1. TDTM — Talk Dirty To Me 2. IWSN — I Want Sex Now 3. IF — In the Front, which means IB — In the Back 4. GYPO — Get Your Pants Off 5. GNOC — Get Naked On Camera 6. ... Read More »

Condom Use Negotiating Tips

Putting on a condom can drastically reduce the risk of getting infected with HIV.  However, not everybody likes to wear one during sex.  If you prefer having protected sex, then insist on doing so.  You have every right to protect yourself and your health. Talk to your partner first Before having sex, talk to your partner that you prefer having ... Read More »

Sex Advice for Older Women

Your sex life will dramatically change as you age. In fact, many older women lose the urge to have sex and experience other sexual dysfunctions at the onset of menopause. However, you can address these changes and have a healthy and satisfying sex. Communicate with your partner Good sex requires open communication between partners. Be open to your partner about ... Read More »

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