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Characteristics That Turn Off Men

Dating is always a ritual of trying to attract the other person. Both men and women do their share in trying to show their most attractive sides. But some cases, there are things that women do that can be a turn off. Here are some of them. Showing arrogance Some women can be very confident about themselves. It is a ... Read More »

Things That Turn Off Guys Women Should Know About

Women have many qualities that attract men. But at the same time, some things can also turn them off. While many women try to  avoid them, there are certain things that many tend to overlook. Here are some of the things that turn off the guys and women should know about. Too Much Perfume Although smelling good may be an ... Read More »

Sexy Tricks Men Don’t Find Sexy

There are certain things that women do that turns men on or turns them off. In the game of seduction, this knowledge can be a great help for women trying to attract guys. There are certain actions that women think drives men wild. These actions are usually influenced by popular culture and the movies. But in reality, they work as ... Read More »

Things That Turn Men Off

In contrast to knowing what men want, you should also be aware of what qualities that makes men turn-off towards women. Avoid the following circumstances: Getting drunk – The society may accept men getting drunk, but not women. Looking at it, drunk women are not sexy. Discussing your health problems – Most men have no idea how your body works, ... Read More »

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