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Warning Signs Your Relationship May Be Suffering

There are relationships that stay strong over the years. There are also others that become weak over time. There are some relationships that struggle on even though couples are no longer happy with each other. Based on the length of time alone, it is difficult to determine whether a relationship is successful or not. Any relationship can either thrive or ... Read More »

Stopping Verbal Abuse in a Relationship

Verbal abuse is a common problem among many couples today. It is the woman who usually ends up the victim. Verbal abuse can come in different shapes and forms. They may be subtle or they can be flat out direct and damaging. Both ways, they can cause harm emotionally and mentally. A problem with verbal abuse is that the woman ... Read More »

Identifying Verbal Abuse In a Relationship

Abuse can come in different forms in a relationship. Aside from physical abuse, verbal abuse can also have a similar sting as well. In the case of women in the relationship, verbal abuse comes with a lingering effect that eventually can be detrimental to how a woman feels. Only fools believe that words can’t hurt. It rather justifies that verbal ... Read More »

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