Dealing With Interracial Dating

Dealing With Interracial Dating

I was actually asked to write about interracial dating. The truth is, I have dated outside of my race and I know lots of people who have so it is not really a progressive idea anymore to me. I feel like there are plenty of interracial couples out there that it is not a big shock like it might have been like 15-20 years ago or so.

If you are going to decide to date outside of your race there are some things that you will need to be prepared for.

#1  There may be some cultural differences that you will need to give some serious thought on if you can deal with.

#2 Are you going to be able to have a proud attitude, walk with your head up and not go around with a chip on your shoulder?

#3 You will need to give thought that if you have children with someone outside your race, questions will arise about where they fit in like why is mommy white and daddy brown? Or why does my brother look white but I look brown? Basically be prepared to deal with issues of bi racial children.

Honestly, I don’t believe in color but I do see an importance on background and if the two of you will have enough in common to deal with issues together that will not divide. As with any relationship, it is important to take your time and get to know one another. Talk opening about deeper issues and the issues that will arise in your courtship. This will help the two of you in your communication and know exactly where you stand when it comes to your somewhat controversial relationship.

My biggest bit of advice is to be proud of who you are with, don’t let yourself get into a hole of self pity or go around with a chip on your shoulder. Be confident that you chose your mate and let backhanded comments slide off your back just because you know deep down that they are ridiculous and you would not even give any attention to such ignorance, it is after all below you!

Dating Coach, Dawn Donohooo



  1. This may sound controversial, but from my experience of working as a dating coach for almost 10 years, the biggest obstacle in interracial relationships that I see is actually “yourself”. I agree it’s important to recognize the differences, but I would argue it’s even more important to recognize WE ARE ALL HUMANS. You can’t control how people around you may react to your relationship. You can’t control how someone of a different race may react to your approach. The only thing you can control is your OWN attitude.

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