Do all men have wandering eyes?

Do all men have wandering eyes?

To put it plainly, I think men and women still notice attractive people even when they are in a relationship.  There is a difference however on how much time you take noticing them.  Make a effort and be respectful with the one you are dating to not look around and keep your focus on her/him.  Also this is to the guys, DO NOT GAWK at women, it makes you look pathetic!

Dating Coach, Dawn Donohoo



  1. I wanted 2 marry my girl friend but her friends and family are against me.plz help what to do.

  2. You need to take the time to make her friends and family know how much you love her. It is important for them to approve of you because they will always be in her life and if they have reservations about you then it is your job to calm their fears. I would suggest asking for some time to talk to each of her friends and family members and explain to them that you dearly love her and want to make things right by them as well. Remember actions speak louder than words and if your actions speak love and trust, they will see it as well!

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