Do men like "the chase?"

Do men like "the chase?"

Do men like “the chase?” Of course they do!  Ladies remember that men love competition, that is why they enjoys sports so much. Trust me, you do not one to be the one initiating the relationship. I have noticed in my dating life that the harder I was to get the more they wanted me. I even had a boyfriend, literally bring me a box of special chocolates every time he came to my work, and these were not chocolates from the local drug store either.  Guys like to know they had to prove themselves worthy of your affection. After all if you are truly special, wouldn’t you expect to be treated as so?  I know a lot of guys wont admit it but I believe men feel the best about themselves when they are in a position to act like a prince. It is not just women who like this fairy tale, boy’s from the youngest of ages like to play the hero. So ladies let him be one and then you will find your prince!

Ladies, follow these rules

1) With online dating, don’t initiate a flood of emails. Some women email multiple times a day which makes them appear demanding, needy, or high maintenance. Frequent contact can cause him to feel crowded. Initially, let men set the pace.

2) Don’t Call to Say Hi, Check in, or Discover Why He hasn’t Called. This is seen as pushy and desperate. If you don’t like the slow pace, perhaps the guy isn’t the right one for you. If you feel compelled to call when you haven’t heard from him, don’t make more than one light-hearted and friendly call. That’s it. Either he’ll pick up the ball or not, but leave that ball in his court.

3) As horrible as this old saying is, “There’s no reason to buy the cow if the milk is free.” The double-standard is still alive! While all men don’t feel this way, it’s pretty hard to know who does and who doesn’t before it’s too late. The best course of action is to hold off on intimacy to insure you’ll get the respect you want and deserve.

Dating Coach, Dawn Donohoo



  1. Everyone likes “the chase” to an extent. As humans, it is natural for us to want to make sure we find someone who’s at least as good as ourselves. But of course…enjoy “the chase” too much, and it’s a sign you have insecurity or character problems.

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