First Kiss | Dirty Jay

First Kiss | Dirty Jay

Dirty Jay’s advice is hilarious! Honestly this is who not to listen to though. Tips for a first kiss are listed below.

1. Wait for a moment of silence. This is a perfect time to add a little spice to the night.

2. Wait for a moment when the eye contact is a little longer than usual. This is always a subtle hint of inviting that first kiss!

3. Finally, listen to your intuition, if you feel like the night is going well then go for the kiss. If you feel like the date has been a little difficult to connect then forget the kiss, wait for a more appropriate time.

My favorite first kiss was with a guy who took me out seven different times before giving me a kiss. On our seventh date we went out dancing and when the night came to an end, we grabbed a cab. The sexual tension was so strong that as soon as we got in the cab, we had our first kiss that didn’t end until I got home. It was at least a fifteen minute drive! Till this day nothing tops that kiss. He took the time to get to know me and really invest in me. While all along creating a sexual tension that would only be relieved by a brilliant first kiss! Thank you Dave!

Dating Coach, Dawn Donohoo



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