How to Know When a Relationship is Getting Serious

How to Know When a Relationship is Getting Serious

How to know when a relationship is getting serious? A woman does not always communicate verbally  that she is serious with you. Being a woman myself, I know that I care when I want to make sure the guy I am seeing  approves of a decision I am making. We will want to spend more time with you. Also, if  we want you to meet all our friends then we are definitely serious about you.

In this video, Dating Coach Jessica Claire, says that women will start to cook or do special things for her man. I could not agree more. When a woman is serious about you, she will want to show you that she values and respects you. This is typically shown in ways of domestic bliss. A woman wants to nurture and take care of her man, it is our basic instinct, we are natural nurturers. To sum it up guys, your woman will be all about  you if she is into you!

Dating Coach, Dawn Donohoo


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  1. When she starts introducing you to her friends, and later on family, you know that it’s getting serious.

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