Prissy and Sissy Talk About Dating

Prissy and Sissy Talk About Dating

Here is a funny video of two sisters talking about their dating life. Sissy finds that when a guy is on a date and pays more attention to his phone then to her it just might mean that he is not that into her! Prissy finds that in the dating world there are lots of weirdo’s out there and one weirdo that she went out with shaved his armpits!!

What we learned in this video is, guys do not need to be on their phones when out on a date. 1. Either he is not into you and is giving attention to another girl or 2. He is clueless and will never get a girl without manners.

The second thing we learn in this video is girls do not hang out with girls who have a habit of stealing your man. These are not true friends and are only in it for themselves!

Dating Coach, Dawn Donohoo



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